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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 12, 2014 11:00am-11:56am EDT

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right now, animal control officers are searching for a large cat, possibly a cougar, northern virginia school. the precaution's being taken to keep students and neighbors safe. if you've been outside this morning, you probably notice the big drop in temperatures. it's just about 70 right now, low 70s. storm team 4 looking at how long these cool conditions will last and if rai we begin with the search for that wild animal in fairfax county. right now, animal control officers are examining tracks at nearby schools and taking precautions. now, outside riverside
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elementary school, where police say someone may have seen a cougar. >> we were out here this morning as students were showing up to school. both here at the elementary school and at the high school behind the camera. i also notice teachers and staff were outside making sure all the students got in safely. i want to point your attention behind the school. you're going to see that tree line. right now, animal control officers are walking those woods tryi ing to confirm whether or county. >> i think it was in the open field back there. >> animal control officer let us tag along for >> i want to see where the layout of the wood is and where it would be able to get in and out of the woods. >> a big cat, possibly a cougar, prowling about these woods. >> the biggest threat, it's a rab
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rabid raccoon and comes down with rabies. >> you can see the toenails tha >> the elementary school principal has called off recess. and high schoolers bei kept inside. >> i believe it. i believe it because they cut down all the woods they are in and they're closer to us. >> john davis not only believes the sighting, he thinks he's seen it. >> i don't know if it was a cougar but it wasn't a fox and it wasn' had like a rabbit in its mouth. >> others are keeping their daily workout indoors today. >> stay inside. >> as animal control continues to inspect the ground, they've also s extra eyes.
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with these wildlife cameras. they're going to keep watch while officers aren't here. just this past saturday, reports out of california that a 6-year-old was attacked by a mountain lion or a coar. that 6-year-old is expected to do just fine.reminder, if you c near this wild animal, keep a good distance. don't go any closer than you and they want you to ca live in mount vernon, news 4, barbara, back to you. >> thank you, david. turning to the weather. g change. our weather has been like a roller coaster ride lately. amelia segal joins us with what's next. >> temperatures are down and they're going to stay comfortable through the weekend. we have the weather center and new graphics. they are amazing. but talking about the weather for the rest of today, we noticed our temperature change
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in the last 24 hours from this time yesterday by about ten degrees and in the wrong direction. so the weather not having any negative impact. on your friday. it's comfortable, it's refreshing. wee looking at partly sunny skies for the rest of today. the temperature right now at 73. if you're heading out this evening, no rain in the forecast, but make sure you grab your light jacket because it will turn chilly once the sun goes down this evening. fall-like temperatures continue. no more 90s over the neck several days, but, barbara, there is some rain in the forecast tomorrow. i'm going to have the latest timing coming up. >> right now, montgomery county police are holding out hope they will find a missing mother and her two children. tomorrow, a candlelight vigil will be held to bring awareness to their disappearance. someone thought they spotted her at a walmart in german town. police determined it was not
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her. hugle is wanted on child neglect charges and the disappearance of jacob and sara. it's a race against the clock to find them because their mom has paranoid schizophrenia and has not been taking their medication. >> everyone here is committed to if you just come and get help, we'll all help you. and for that, i just want to say, please come home, we miss you, and we miss the kids. >> tomorrow's vigil is being held at the chick-fil-a in german town where hugle was last seen on surveillance. it will begin at 8:00 p.m. in the parking lot. the family has also set up a go found me page to help raise money to offer a reward for information. co-workers are remembering the life of a corrections official who was murdered. the virginia medical examiner says she died from blunt head trauma, strangulation and smuggling. her body was found inside her apartment. cross' colleagues want people to
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wear cross' favorite color, purple, to today's memorial. it begins at 7:00 p.m. at the central detention facility in d.c. time is rubbing out. new state really kwirmts for school immunizns this year and the de deadline for students is today. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at a health center in silver spring with more. lots of kids lining up there, megan? >> reporter: this health center is one of a number of places where kids can go and get those necessary shots. the new regulns kicking in. time is, indeed, running out. the deadline in montgomery county is today. if you're not up to date with those shots with the new rules, d to go to class on monday. michaela was a little nervous about getting the shots. but the seventh grader had no choice. to go to school on monday, she
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has to prove she is up to date with her immunizations. >> they have new requirements this year for seventh graders. so she's going to get two shots. hopefully, she'll be brave. >> new state requirements kick in this year. seventh graders must have these vaccinations. the school system has been working to spread the word. but kids who don't get the shots will not be able to go to class next week. >> the principal told me if i didn't get the shots, i couldn't come to school. >> so you have to do it? >> yeah. >> the vaccinations will help protect kids from meningitis, whooping cough, tetanus and other illnesses. the deadline in montgomery county is close of business today but the health department will be ready for kids who slip through the cracks. >> next week, next monday, tuesday and wednesday, we're going to be having vaccination clinics again, walking clinics, probably at three or four sites around montgomery county.
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people wil those last chances. >> and different school districts in the state have different deadlines. today is montgomery county headline. prince georges county, their deadline is tuesday. and both jurisdictions have a number of clinics where they'll be offering the shots. for a list of those locations, you can go to our website, and just search on the key word immunization. reporting live in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news 4. former olympian oscar pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide. we look ahead to the sentencing phase of the murder trial and how much freedom pistorius will be given until then. the new iphone 6 is getting all the attention today because people can preorder the phone now. there are some things that apple users should kno
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new today, oscar pistorius was found guilty of negligent killing in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he was also convicted on firearms charg. right now, pistorius is out on bail. he'll be sentenced in october. he faces up to 15 years behind bars. the sentence is up to the judges' discretion. the today show's legal analyst
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says she expects the judge to be lenient. i would say in almost every case in this decision, when she had to cheese betwe between a conflict, she went with the defense. she clearly leans towards the defense in this case. anything from 0 to 15. i think it's going to be on the low end. >> prosecutors say they're disappointed by the ruling. they'll decide on whether to appeal after sentencing. >> today is the first day you can preorder apple's new iphone. it went on sale at midnight last night. the phones are in such high demand, the website crashed. preorders through verizon wireless and at&t went off without a hitch. the new iphones ship next friday. if you're not planning on buying a new i6 pho you can still get
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the new operating system. some new features ofhe t update are predictive typing. where it types what it things you want to say. and a new help app. you'll be able to record and send voice messages through a text message. an important it a in the history of our country. he's also getting help celebrating another important anniversary. amelia, what about the weather? >> it's beautiful outside. the sun is shining. the temperatures are comfortable. there is some rain in the forecast for your weekend. i'm going to be walking you through saturday hour by hour,
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search efforts continue this morning for a missing navy pilot off the coast of california. last night, two f/a-18 hornest fighter jets ce pacific after taking off from the "uss carl vinson." one pilot was rescued and is in the hospital but the other is still missing. both planes are also unaccounted for. the crash is under investigation. we're working to learn the name of the man who put the on . nbc's cameras caught the whole thing as it went down. a man decided to jump the white house north fence last night. the man refused to listen to agents and lie down on the ground so agent forced him down and then arrested him.
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the u.s. may inpose a new round of sanctions against russia later today for its actions in ukraine. this comes after the european union imposed tough new sanctions on russia. some of russia's largest companies have been targeted. the eu have imposed sanctions on 24 individuals including rebel s senior russian lawmakers. president obama and former president bill clinton are marking the 20th anniversary of the ameri core service program. a new class of volunteers are being sworn innen the south lawn as well as 50 states across the country. 20 years ago today, president clinton signed the bill that created ameri corps. since then, more than 9,000 people have spent more than 1.2 billion hours volunteering on projects nationwide. later, the president will travel to baltimore to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the star spangled banner. he'll take a private tour of
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fort mchenry while there. 200 years ago today, a pivotal battle in the war of 1812 happened there and inspired a lawyer to write what became our national anthem. new intelligence numbers are out today that show isis is a much bigger organization than the u.s. ever thought. now the international community is backing off president obama's plan to have air strikes in syria. mo to dismantle isis. >> r the cia estimates isis has between 20 and 31,000 fighters. that's double or triple their estimate from earlier this year. >> they've been very -- very actively and aggressively growing. >> the white house wants a quick okay from congress to arm syrian rebels against isis. but some lawmakers want to take it slow. >> see that we're not arming and equipping the bad guys. >> even with great britain, germany and now italy saying
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they will not help with air strikes, key republicans are backing the president's plan. >> we ought to give the president what he's asking for. >> mr. president, if you need my blessing to destroy isil, you have it. >> insisting the president must seek approval first from congress. the administratio will be so much wiser to get that authorization and buy-in from congress on the front-end. >> i would not support the armed request at >> democrats warn, it's time to put politics aside. >> if democrats and republicans can't come together to keep us safe from terrorism, i don't know what will bring us together. and for training the iraqis, lawmakers say we did that before, it didn't work. expect to hear a lot more about this. lawmakers are trying to set up hearings and maybe even a vote next week. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. > the president has spent much of this week working on his plan to combat isis. now he's reaching out internationally. how has the president tried to win the support of the arab g a challenge is that for presi challenges. the first one is making the case to congress, this is what we're doing. we're going to arm the syrian rebels. we're going to get the international communi around us. he seems to have gotten over that hurdle. there's a lot of support from republicans. the still figuring out how they're going to do this. it seems like there's support domestically. a lot of these countries want -- secretary of state john kerry is trying to muster support from arab nations. he does have an agreement from ten nations and the u.s. saying we want to have a coordinated military effort. this is a region with a lot of
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instability. a lot of baggage. a lot of political history where every nati its own reason to be l of the united states. it's going to take a lot to get all those countries on board. >> secretary of state kerry is over there in the region right now. what part will he play? >> he has a huge role in this. he's been working with these nations for a long time to address this growing threat. now he's trying to say we need yo resources. we need troops on the ground. and we need places to take the syrian rebels and arm them and train them maybe outside of syria. >> and not one nation there has joined the effort or -- >> well, there are ten arab nations that said they've signed on, that said they want to be a part of this effort. saying we want to address terrorism, your enemy is my enemy. however, the specific commitments of what they're going to do are so very vague that some of that agreement they've reached are described as a tepid agreement. that these nations will help
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out. exactly what they'll do specifically, we have to wait and see. >> let's talk about hillary clinton going to iowa this weekend. >> hillary clinton back in '08 lost to barack obama in that first caucus and that's what sent her campaign into the spiral, eventually losing the nomination. now s going back. her husband bill clinton is going to go with her. she's reaching out to those who rejected her last time around. she's going to say now i'm your candidate. you know, set aside the things we had different last time. i'm going to be the candidate this time. so far, iowa democrats seem to be giving her very high approval ratings. they seem to be ready to welcome her with open arms. >> she's not said she's a candidate. that's true. we' have to see what happens there. thank you so much. for more from kerry and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out first read at you know parking can be a problem in cities like
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washington and new york. how much would you be willing to pay for prime parking spots? coming up, the shocking prices asked in new york city. and kids will say the darnedest things. you know it. coming up, the honest reaction president obama got at a volunteer project from kids there. let's take a look at what's hot on n.c
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apparently some of us are not taking our children to the doctor enough. a new report from the cdc says 8 out of 10 young children have not been screened for one thing or another in the past year. about half of the infants who failed their hearing screening did not have a vision exam and f kids and teens have never visit aed $1 million just to park. the spots go with apartments so they cost nearly $9 million at a minimum according to "the new york tim the buildg is in lower manhattan. according to "the times," the new building is on the site of a former parking lot. sometimes you just cannot impress kids, even if you're the president. the president and first lady were helping fill backpacks for the homeless in northeast d.c. yesterday. then this happened. watch. >> there you go.
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>> mr. president? >> yes? >> when i first heard that somebody special was coming, i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i und malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> the little girl went on to say she was happy to meet president obama though. he wasn't buying it, but did say he appreciated the gesture. the president and first lady both agreed they'd rather see beyonce too. right now, an ohio community's feeling a sense of relief after a convicted school shooter has been captured. coming up, the extra security measures coming up for the escape p. training are also being offered early on sunday. we'll expl.
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right now, we have newings in on we that solar flare could disrupt your cell phone service. you may notice it today but tomorrow is going to be peak time for when the flare will impact earth. this is what it looked like on sunday when the flare arrested off the sun. it takes at least three days to reach our planet. solar flares emit electrical energy and cause disruptions to the magnetic balance on earth.
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will it do anything to our weather? amelia joins us now. doesn't really change too much though. >> not so much, but we'll miss the potentially beautiful auroras from the solar flare. but i think we're all appreciating the more refreshing air over the region now. simply lovely finish to the week. here's a live look outside. working at nbc 4 today, you're going to go out and have a barbecue, what a great afternoon to be grilling outside. this evening, if you're going to ig outside, do it before the sun goes down because it will get chilly quickly. at least a light jacket if you're out late tonight. temperatures right now for the most part in the low 70s. 71 in camp springs. a little bit cooler in gathersburg, 76. here's a look at the latest radar with the clouds added in. you can see partly sunny skies over our area. really no rain in the immediate area. we're going to stay dry today,
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into tonight. and then some showers in the forecast for tomorrow. highs today in the mid to upper 70s. a high temperature in washington of 78. yesterday, we hit 91. that could be our last 90 of the year. dining out tonight, feeling more fall-like. temperatur in the low 70s as we start to get into the later evening hours. so, friday night football happening tonight. spectacular football weather. 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. temperatures would be around 73 degrees. and look how we drop. by 10:00, we're in the mid to upper 60s. 8:00 time frame temperatures around 68 degree. how are you enjoying this friday evening? you can connect with me on twitter and facebook. you can just search for amelia segal. it's a cloudy and dry start across the area. 8:00 app, we might see some light showers sneaking back.
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but the d.c. metro area remains i really think washington will remain dry through the late morning hours. once we get into the midday hours, notice around noon, showers overspreading the area. the rain intensity, no thunderstorms, so that's the good news. the showers do look like they'll pull out about 4:00 p.m. saturday evening, you'll see the drying trend. we're looking at an all day rain. scattered showers are in the forecast for tomorrow, especially the midday hours. keep the umbrella handy, but, again, not hearing any rumbles of thunder. sunday, high temperature of 74. tomorrow, we're looking at taste of georgetown. in frederick, we have in stre it could be some rainy conditions for those events. when the redskins play at home on sunday, light wind, partly
11:34 am
sunny skies, temperatures in the he to mid-70s for that game, barbara. only one 80 in that seven-day and that's going to be on tuesday. it's looking nice, especially on sunday. >> we'll see you before the end of the broadcast. breaking news out of major league baseball. news 4 richard jordan at the li baltimore orioles first baseman chris davis suspended for 25 games after testing po for drugs. reportedly an amphetamine. this will be for regular season game and postseason games and davis will not be getting paid while he sits out. no further details on exactly what the drug was here and no reaction from the team just yet. but this could certainly hurt the orioles. they are ahead in the american league east by ten games. davis, one of their star players there. we'll be waiting for reaction from the team throughout the day, barbara. a 19-year-old ohio man serving life in prison for
11:35 am
killing three high school students is back in custody this morning following a prison escape. nbc's kevin tibbles has more. >> i can now confirm that we've heard from officials involved in the search that t.j. lane is now in custody. >> rep words of relief from police in early this morning. as they announced that school shooter t.j. lane is in custody, after escaping from prison thursday night. lane was one of three inmates who escaped from the allen correctional institution. police say the men would escaped on foot would unarmed but considered dangerous. >> the reason he didn't get net if further was the immediate perimeter. this is an ongoing investigation. l be giving more information as it comes about. >> we have shots fired. gunshots. multiple gunshots. >> we need -- >> on february 27, 2012, lane opened fire in the chardon high school cafeteria, unloading at
11:36 am
least ten sh a .22 caliber handgun. three students died in the shooting. were injured. during his trial, lane was defiant in the courtroom, wearing a t-shirt with the word "killer" scrawle smirking at victim's families and making obscene gestures. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. in the town of chardon, police moved quickly overnight to protect the victim's families. while school officials cancelled all friday classes. i'd like to thank the community, the outpouring of support. i know that things will get better, as they have before. that was kevin tibbles reporting. t.j. lane was found hiding inside a church about 100 yards outside the prison. police are now trying to figure out how the three men escaped in the first place. well, caught on camera, a confrontation between a d.c. police officer and a bicyclist who was recording a man being arrested on a city street.
11:37 am
>> what are you doing down here? >> bicycling. >> okay, so what is your involvement in this? >> well, here's what happened before that confrontation. take a look at this surveillance video from the martin luther king library. you can see police in the upper right corner dealing with a suspect in a fight. andrew was riding by on his bike and started reco wing what he saw. that's completely legal but it didn't sit well with one of the officers. >> you're videotaping right now. your little phone, that can be used as evidence. do you understand? >> t cheech f released a stat have an extremely clear policy on first amendment rights. the video speaks for itself. this matter is under investigation. you can take metro extra early this sunday. stations will open at 8:00 a.m. for the navy air force half
11:38 am
marathon. there will also be track work but no stations are going to be closed. on the green line, you'll have to wait 20 minutes for a train though. on the blue and orange lines, it's a 24-minute wait. the red line could have a wait up to 15 minutes. nfl commissioner's roger goodell's account of the ray rice investigation is being questioned again. coming up, what rice reportedly told goodell. and the inspiration behind these uniforms worn by the university of maryland players tomorrow. of maryland players tomorrow. stay
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several big nfl sponsors are closely watching the league's investigation into the ray rice case today. sponsors like fedex and pepsi risk losing customers and lots of money if fans disagree with how it turns out. former fbi director robert mueller is leading the investigats say they're concern because mueller's law firm has tied to the nfl. they're worried because two football team owners are spite of the controversy, lots fans are holding on to their ray rice jerseys. plenty of people wearing number 27 at the game last night. some said they thought the punishment was too harsh. >> i wear the jersey in support of ray rice because i love ray rice and i'm sorry, i don't believe in abuse, but she struck him first and any one would can hit a man can be hit back.
11:42 am
>> if you have a jersey and don't want to keep it, the ravens will exchange it for any other player's jersey. you can exchange yours at the stadium on september 19 and 20 between 8 and 3:00. actress robin givens spoke to maria shriver on the "today" show this morning. she spoke about domestic violence and explains how she's trying to raise her two sons to be good husbands and fathers. >> my younger son, i try to keep a little bit from him. my older son is very involved in the conversation. i think in many really expects because of social media, this conversation will never be the same. you can't hide it so much anymore. >> givens says one of her sons encouraged her to do that interview. if you're in a violent relationship or know someone who is, you can call national
11:43 am
violence hot line. an arlington yoga studio is keeping a controversial promotion going. yesterday, on the day marking 13 years since 9/11, the studio tweeted, 9 plus 11 equals 20% off, patriots sale. social media quickly fired back, saying the promotion was insensitive. the owner of the studio apologized. >> we're really sorry for posting a tweet that obviously has made people upset. >> they are still offering the 20% classes but they say this time it's solely to honor patriots. > dealing with a whooping cough outbreak. plus, you may remember seeing this dad before. he got a lot of attention for the picture you're looking at right now. now, he has advice and a new book for moms. he'll share some of that a
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montgomery county schools are dealing with a whooping cough outbreak. a student was diagnosised this week. 16 students in the county have become sick with whooping cough since the first week school. health officials tell us all of those students have been vaccinated. whooping cough is highly contagious and begins with symptoms similar to a cold. he was crowned the ultimate
11:47 am
mrm after picture you see on the right went viral. it shows him doing one daughter's hair while his other child is strapped to his chest. he released a new book this month called "daddy doing work," empowering mothers to evolve us now to talk a little bit about the role fathers. good morning. talk about the debate that picture of you sparked. a lot of people talked about it and got in it up with you. >> a lot of people, when you mentioned the ultimate mr. mom, i think people were calling me that, but i realized that term is so -- it's just not a cool term, you know what, because it's like it just says only mom can do the job that dads do. >> you didn't like that term? >> not a big fan of of that term but i know you meant well. >> let me a stay at home dad? >> i am now. i left my corporate job in the beginning of august to focus more on being home with my kids and promote my book and and all
11:48 am
that good stuff. >> i'm sure a lot of people are wondering, are you still married to the children's mother? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> she's in the picture? >> she's very much in the picture. does she go out to work every day? >> she does. she runs her own physical therapy practice. >> you stay home and take care of the kids. and you like it? >> i do, i dig it. i love being a dad. it's a wonderful thing. >> so you're not just advocating home, you are saying they ying ought to get involved. >> yeah, so i think that my book talked about that. i come in at different angles. i think women play a huge role in fatherhood we just don't talk about. so often, books for dads are written by dads for dads but not about the women. women play a huge role in fatherhood. you think we like keeping a stranglehold on caring for the kids? >> in some staiin yes. i think there are some men would
11:49 am
aren't motivated to be dads. but i also talk about the men who are good dads it sometimes women do things that demote straight their men from being great dads that you have written is for women. >> for women. >> there's nothing like this on the market. >> tell us, what is your advice to women then would have not been giving their husband enough power in raising the children? >> i'll give you the 30-second version. there's t types of dads in three types. the daddy doing nothing. the daddy doing something. and the daddy doing work. daddy doing nothing is your deadbeat. daddy doing something is the guy would basically works a full-time job but we he gets home he doesn't take part in any of the activity. somewhere there's a stay at home mom watching this show or working mom on her lurnch break thinking, when my husband gets hope, he' not going to help me. this book is for her. >> how does she go goabout gettg him in the picture?
11:50 am
>> they need a male advocate sometimes. sometimes when women talk to men, the men think, she's nagging. that's not true. she has valid points. my job is to be an advocate for them saying, it's valid, you need to look through a mind's glasses to see what she goes through every day. >> the truth is it really does take two parents. certainly makes a big difference when both are involved. is that right? >> yeah, it's right, but there's a lot of single parents doing great work out there. >> who is this book for? it's for moms? getting them into the picture? getting their husbands evolved into somebody that's actually going to help them out. >> if anyone is going to be in the area, i will be at the university of maryland today talking about this. >> how old are you children now? >> they're 3 and 1. >> and you it? >> still at it. so far, so good. two little girls. >> congratulations.
11:51 am
your book again? >> daddy doing work. >> okay, thanks for coming. >> thank you sop. >> our time right now, 11:50. coming up, the surviving war. this person has survived the war on cancer and is helping other people and that happened this weekend. plus, storm team 4 amelia segal plusin fairfax countyelia segal we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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we're staying on top of
11:54 am
several developing stories today, including the search for a ing mother and her two children. family members are having a vigil to raise awareness. the vigil begins at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow in the parking lot of a chick-fil-a in german town where the mother went missing. we have more information on some students won't have recess today while animal control officers investigate anim siting in fairfax county. they say it may be a cougar and they set up cameras to try to find it. we'll keep you updated. and we're waiting reaction from the orioles on the suspension of the player for using lea the a.l. east. strength in numbers. that's what one group bikers is saying about the weekend. they're part of the ride to conquer cancer. 150-mile bike ride research.
11:55 am
we caught up with one rider who tale of survival. >> these old photos were all he thought he had left of the vietnam war. n iy squad leader in vietnam. >> when the 67-year-old fairfax man was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall. doctors told him his service in vietnam, 45 years ago, could have contributed to his illness. >> they used agent orange over there for defolation. we got exposed fairly often to that. >> harry's cancer was detected early. he underwent surgery earlier this year. doctors say he should remain cancer free. even though he's not a two-time survivor of war and disease, he's hoping to give back by biking 150 miles this weekend for the ride to conquer cancer. >> it's not easy at all. try to take my inspiration from people who have gone through, you kn, other


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